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Time for One week + four photos = life! If you want to play along, do your own post or Instagram thing and add your link to the bottom of Pip’s post so others can see. And hello to my 1+4=life visitors! I love that you visit. 🙂



1. Deliciousness
There’s a cute little patisserie in Kirrawee called Baked. It is tucked away in a strange little row of four shops in a fairly industrial area; I would not have found it if not for Kellie bringing over cakes from there one day. The owners are really friendly, the coffee is great and the food is amazing. Gorgeous little cakes and tarts and pies and sausage rolls. As well as eating the above, we took some macarons home – the redskin macaron actually tasted like a redskin lolly! Marvellous!



2. Overgrown
Our garden is pretty special, no thanks to us. We just kind of tend the plants that were already well established when we bought the place. Out behind my studio I want to create a little comfy jungly space to sit and read or just think, because it’s rather beautiful down there, and now the studio is there it blocks some of the noise from the street so it feels quite private. There are all kinds of different palms and in the last year since I did any real hack-and-slashing back there most of them have grown over head height, so it’s a lush green paradise. Of course the setup would have to involve some sort of mosquito net. But one day I’ll make it happen. This week I spent some time down there cutting back some of the overgrowth, cleaning up the fallen giant palm branches, cutting back the Virginia creeper that’s gone mental all over the path. Now that the leaves are starting to turn, funny little things the last owners left here are re-revealed, like this little mirror on the fence. It’s like a portal into somewhere else. I love being down there at the bottom of the garden.

3. ESL massage
My massage assessment is nearly here! It’s this weekend! Part of what we had to do was some voluntary community massage, both to share the benefits of massage with the general public and get used to massaging anyone and everyone. Suggestions were doing workplace massage, offering massage at a fun run, things like that. But I couldn’t seem to organise anything.

Then suddenly an opportunity came up – Little said I could come to her ESL class, talk a bit about massage and then offer head and shoulder massages to the teachers and students. It was fun! I actually loved the atmosphere of the class; it was really friendly and relaxed (that’s Little up the front, doing pronunciation drills). Of course once I stood up in front of everyone to talk, I couldn’t remember anything I wanted to say and I was really aware of sounding condescending or over-simplifying what I was saying. But it seemed to go well, and lots of people came over for massages, which was nice. It was quite nice having a chance to chat to the students one on one, and probably engaging in simple English conversation was as helpful for them as it was for me to massage them!


IMG_00234. Fire!
After much prompting from the kidlets, we finally arranged a date for the Phillips clan to come round for dinner and to toast marshmallows. It’s apparently quite the highlight in the kids’ minds, and I love that I’ve been able to create/provide something that made such lovely memories for them. Sometimes when I’m feeling a bit melancholy that I may never have my own kids, I think about the fun role I get to play in the lives of my friends’ kids and that’s a pretty good thing too. Kellie said, “You’re like the ever present aunt that people love and are devastated when they find out that you’re not actually related.” I love that I can be that!

However, after all the build up and then dinner, the youngest toasted one marshmallow and then said she had probably had enough. It’s more the ceremony and the fire and the excitement than the actual marshmallows, methinks. But us adults had a nice time sitting around the chiminea, toasting marshmallows and catching up, and the kids made interesting things with Jenga blocks in the studio.