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All my pics are from this weekend just past, where I survived the SU camps training weekend even though I was super tired! If I’m already at a low energy point (which I was), being around people pretty constantly for about 36 hours is a bit scary. But I managed pretty well, got to meet the other craft camp leader, got to do some crafty stuff as well as the more general training in preparation for leading on camp in July.

I went to an excellent session on leadership with Peter Stone, which gave me fuel for thought not just in the camps context but in the way I run my business, the way I live my life. Very worthwhile. Also worthwhile was listening to the main speaker, David Claydon, during the fireside chat thing last night, where we listened to him tell stories about his extraordinary life. He was a war orphan and spent his early years just struggling to survive, and yet has had such a positive, rich, rewarding life of ministry and helping people (I now very much want to read his biogaphy, Never Alonethe beginning of the blurb reads “A child with no name, no parents and no place in the world, grows up in wartime Israel, escapes death several times, is rescued, and brought to Australia. David’s story, and God’s work in his life is remarkable”).

Anyway, on to the actual pictures!


1. Autumn leaves

The weekend was up in Katoomba. It wasn’t super cold, but it rained the whole time and so had that magical, misty feel. There was one tree that had burst into autumnal red, and I took a whole bunch of photos of it and the misty dale behind it. It just made me feel so peaceful, just standing and looking at that slice of beautiful nature.



2. Leura Garage

One of my fave mountain cafes. I left the camps people before lunch and decided to go to Leura for lunch on my own. I wonder, is that a sign of maturity or self confidence or…something, when you rather enjoy going to a busy cafe or restaurant and sitting on your own, without feeling awkward? I was rather taken with their wall display of hydrangeas in various states of fade.



3. Writing

A nice thing about sitting on your own in a cafe is being able to write. I’ve always written better in cafes, well, first drafts anyway. Something about the ambient noise, the food and drink being brought to you, and no other distractions (in terms of household things). Even when I had my residency at Varuna, I found being in the quiet room with nothing to do but write too confronting; I had to go for a walk to a cafe, write a few pages in longhand and then go back to the house to write. Anyway, this photo is particularly exciting for me because I am starting to write fiction again! It’s been so long since I even wanted to, and I’m actually enjoying it, more’s the point. Hurrah!



4. Mallows

Coincidentally it was a market day in Leura, and even though it was terrible weather there were heaps of people around. I did a quick circuit of the markets and was delighted to see Sweetness The Patisserie‘s stall. I bought a bag of mini sweet mallows and each tiny mouthful is bliss. I also bought some beeswax tealights from Moontree and am very much enjoying being home alone again, with sweet mallows, the warm glow of candlelight and the scent of honey in the air.