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One week + four photos = my life! I’ve beaten Pip to the punch this week…I’m posting before her so will have to link back to her blog later (she’s been pretty darn busy lately with her book coming out and all the press so it’s no wonder!).

Hmm looks like I’m only blogging once a week these days. That’s not great. But I’m rather busy too, so I guess that’s a good thing!

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1. Yay for crochet!
I love to crochet. Doris Chan is my favourite crochet pattern writer (as I’ve probably mentioned before) and last year I made this – the Tempest skirt/poncho from her book Convertible Crochet. I didn’t really think I would wear it as a skirt, because I think crocheted clothing can look super naff and I don’t really have the figure to carry it off (some crocheted dresses are gorgeous but always on very slender models). But a poncho or shawl is quite useful when you’re working away at a computer in winter, which is why I made this. It is crocheted in the round and has a really wide yoke, which you can cinch closed, which is why it works as a skirt or poncho.

Then I had cold hips the other day (always the hips) and was chatting about it with Jess, and she said something about crocheting a hip warmer and I thought “hang on! I made that thing last year!” For a moment I thought I had frogged it (pulled it out back to the beginning) because I couldn’t find it anywhere. But there it was up the back of the cupboard, so I put it on and instantly had cosy hips. I still probably won’t ever wear it beyond my front gate, but it was nice to dig something out I had made and remember that I actually quite like it. I had a crocheted cotton hippy kind of jacket thing (Tree of Life-y) when I was a teenager and I used to marvel at all the stitches and wonder how on earth anyone could make something like that. Well now I know.


IMG_0105 2

2. Snack time
The other day mum bought a whole bunch of cheeses and cabanossi and made up a yummy cheese platter. There was still plenty left the other night and so I did it again (except we’d eaten all the fancy cheese already). Can I just say, I’d forgotten how delicious cabanossi, tasty cheese and Jatz are? Someone foodie would probably sniff and say, “that’s so 80s”. But I object to the idea of food going in and out of fashion; if it’s tasty, it will always be tasty, surely?

IMG_0100 2

3. Feet
I posted this on the Everyday Gratitude Instagram the other day because TOMS was giving away a pair of shoes to someone in need for everyone who posted a photo of their bare feet and tagged it #withoutshoes. Great cause, easy thing to do. I also just thought it was a funny photo. Mum said, “I’d recognise those feet anywhere!”


FullSizeRender 44. Massage assessment weekend
So I did my massage assessment this weekend. Got some great feedback, met some lovely people and passed with flying colours (well not really, it’s only satisfactory/unsatisfactory with Cert IV these days, but satisfactory sounds so boring). So now I just have a couple more bits and pieces to finish off and then…I will be able to be a professional massage therapist! Exciting stuff!