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This week was a bit of a rush, with lots of things to do and people to see. Though oddly enough I realise I’ve taken photos of stuff but not many of the actual people involved (photos were taken, I just don’t have them yet!).

IMG_6017 2

We were treated to a whirlwind visit from our wonderful friends, Mark, Jen, Jonathan and Sam. Pre-kids, Mark and Jen and I used to play a lot of World of Warcraft together, sometimes in the same room, sometimes far apart (in Maroubra, Parramatta, Oxford). Once the boys came along, online game time was scarce. But the Baddeleys boys love games as much as their parents, so when they came down to visit this week on their way further south, they brought a large selection of board games. Above is a pic of Firefly which I think took longer to set up and explain than it did to actually play. But it was lots of fun, and so good to see these most excellent friends.


2. Dave and Gabi
On Friday, our ex-flatmate Dave (he flatted with both mum and me, separately, and then together) got married to the lovely Gabriella. The wedding was in Darlinghurst and the reception in Mosman, with a long gap in between. So we went to Mosman in our wedding finery for coffee, and drove around Bradleys Head (where we semi-gatecrashed someone else’s wedding). It was a little strange to be part of a big celebration where we didn’t know anyone but Dave (aside from a few others we’d met once or twice). There was a girl on our table who also didn’t know anyone but had come on her own; that takes more guts and self confidence than I have! But it was so wonderful seeing Dave and Gabi look so delighted with one another, and their families just being so happy for them. Dave even made sure he asked me to dance, and then mum – I think the highlight was dancing with the two of them and one of Dave’s little nieces to Will Smith’s Getting Jiggy With It.


3. Solo
The morning after the wedding, I hopped on a plane and flew down to Melbourne to catch up with some of the women who I went on the BHB Bali Retreat with last year. I had booked this trip before resigning from SU, and now that I’m in freelance land I kept thinking “I can’t really afford this…” but I decided to just go ahead and do it, and enjoy every moment.

While waiting for my room to be ready, I had lunch in Alexandria Gardens and then went to the NGV to wander around the free exhibitions and the permanent collection. I rather enjoyed Exquisite Threads: English Embroidery 1600s–1900s, which this cowl is from. A lot of the permanent collection was interesting but made me think (much like when mum and I went round galleries in Italy): were people in the 16th century really unattractive, or had artists just not worked out how to paint them yet?

IMG_60614. The girls
I’m staying at The Blackman on St Kilda road, which I booked before we’d planned where we were all going to meet, and it turns out everything we’re doing is on the other side of the city. But it’s a lovely hotel and I am enjoying the fluffy bed and just being in quiet space, with interesting art on the walls. There is also a patisserie downstairs, so I made sure I had an eclair (raspberry and rose) while I lounged around, reading my new Nick Hornby book, Funny Girl (very much enjoying it too).

After the day of solitary pursuits, I taxied over to Northcote to meet up with nine of the girls at Pizza Meine Liebe for delicious food and wine and raucous laughter and talk (yep, we were the loud table). It was like no time had passed since we were all together. Such a great group of people.

Now I suppose I should get dressed and head to Fitzroy for the second part of our catch up weekend!

Edit to add: Ali just sent through the pic of us from last night. Yay for these excellent women!