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It all got a bit busy and I kept forgetting to blog at the end of the day. Oh well! I’m here now!

I actually can’t remember what happened on Tuesday. I’m sure I was grateful for lots of things. I will just make day 17 an all-round grateful-for-being-here kind of day.

Wednesday was a busy day – I had to go back to SU in Rydalmere for handover with AT, my replacement. Of course it was the worst traffic all the way there and back. But it was nice to see everyone, and to try and hand things over to AT. I felt a bit bad; it’s kind of like trying to drink from a firehose, having to take on all the tasks as well as a whole bunch of new systems that you need to learn to do those tasks. And it’s pretty exhausting to talk all day, explaining things. So I think we were both pretty wiped out.

2015-03-18 19.55.48-2

Me and Jess waiting for Brooke

Then I went home to meet Jess G, who came over to stay for a couple of days. We had Thai food for dinner at an empty pub in Enmore, then delicious Cow and Moon gelato that melted all over us, and then saw Brooke Fraser at the Enmore. I really enjoyed the show, though I know people who prefer her earlier stuff didn’t enjoy it as much.

So Gratitude day 18 was for live shows! I love going to gigs and shows and things, but I don’t tend to so much anymore because of cost and tiredness. But I usually have lots of fun when I go and am so grateful that I get to see performances by people I like, with people I like.

On Thursday Jess and I hung out in the studio most of the day, me working and Jess drawing. We went out for lunch, we had an afternoon nap, then we met up in the evening for dinner with a bunch of wonderful women in Chinatown. Gratitude day 19 is definitely for friendship.


Today Jess left in the morning and I worked. I also had an afternoon nap (this will be a theme I think). And I got a new client! I’m very excited. I’m also very excited at the way this first week of freelancedom has panned out. I’ve been kept busy in all of the areas I’m working in – I did some graphic design, I did some work for SU, I sold some bags, I gave mum’s friend a massage (and she gave me a gift of money even though I told her I couldn’t charge yet! So sweet!). And now I have a new writing client – I’ll be writing again! Hurrah!

So gratitude day 20 is for the provision of work. Thank you, God!