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i’m really tired at the moment. It’s not surprising really, with big changes there’s always a bit of an adjustment period. Today I felt pretty flat, and found it hard to motivate myself even though I had lots of things to do. I’ve been forgetting to write about gratitude daily. I can recognise the signs of a dark mood  coming, so I tried to remember just to be kind to myself and not stress. 

One thing that was nice was putting on music and singing. Specifically I listened to a few Soverrign Grace songs, and some Chelsea Moon, and singing hymns while I hung out the laundry and started cutting pieces for a new bag helped me feel calm. They helped remind me of the truth of who I am and who i follow and that I don’t need to be anxious.

So today I was grateful for simple joys, like singing, the smell of sun-dried clean washing, lying on the carpet and scratching my cat around the ears, remembering dumplings in the freezer for lunch, napping on the couch. They are the small but lovely things that make the days good.