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I know I’m too tired at the moment because I’m starting to feel teary and a bit hopeless. I had been feeling pretty good and this came out of nowhere so I think I’m just physically tired after gardening in the mornings on the weekend. It’s times like this I wish we still had a bath to soak in.

Side note: I read an article this morning talking about our physiological reaction to water. I found it fascinating. It is the scientific basis to my mother’s excellent advice, whenever I’m feeling yuck or if I’m upset, to go and have a hot shower. It works remarkably well.

And actually, that’s what I was grateful for this morning. I woke up, said goodbye to mum as she went off to church, had some breakfast but didn’t feel like being up yet. So I climbed back into bed with my laptop, caught up on social media and read a few longer, interesting articles that I would normally not have time for. Kind of like reading the Sunday paper in bed, except it was a laptop and infinitely better than the actual Sunday paper.

I thought in the moment how grateful I was to have that time. No one demanding anything of me, nobody needing anything. No husband to worry about, no children to look after (btw, if I had a husband and children, there would be things to be grateful about there – I’m not saying anything bad about that state of being!). Well fed, well read and comfortable, with my cat by my side.

Oh! And I’m grateful for the cool change too! I love it. This is my kind of weather.

And last thing – this verse, Psalm 4:8, which was in today’s Bible reading:

I will lie down and sleep in peace,
for you alone, O LORD,
make me dwell in safety.

It just makes me feel good. Safe and warm and loved. I am always grateful for God’s word.