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You can be grateful for things big and small. I guess it’s easy to be grateful when it’s something big and momentous, the joy and excitement and thankfulness just trips off the tongue. It’s the smaller things that can just pass by without being noted, but when I stop to think about it, often the things I’m most grateful for are the small blips in the everyday. 

They are the things that make life in a hard world bearable. They are the colours, the textures, the tastes. They are the smiles and connections. They are the things worth focusing on. They are the gift of plenty in a culture that only wants us to focus on the lack. 

 Practicing gratitude doesn’t mean that suddenly life is all sunshine and lollipops. It doesn’t mean the bad things are erased or that everything becomes bathed in a Pollyannaish glow. But it reminds us that life is of value. It reminds us that even when we’ve had a terrible day, there is still so much to be thankful for, and somehow the sting of that terrible day lessens just a bit. 

 It’s also not a comparative thing, or saying you should be grateful for the sucky things. It’s not saying “you should be grateful for all that food because there are starving children in [name a country]” or “you should be grateful that your child just threw up all over you because at least you have a child”. No shoulds. 

 You can be grateful for something just for its own sake. You can be grateful for a rose, for its velvety petals, for its slight, sweet fragrance, that you had the chance to see it and it brightened your day for a moment or two. 

 I did regular gratitude blog posts last year – I think I’d like to again, especially as I put together my gratitude diary for next year. Every day in March I will post about one thing I am grateful for that day.

Today I’m grateful for interesting weather, specifically cool changes. Standing outside this morning was like standing in front of a blow heater, hot wind and fierce sun. And then, in the afternoon as I drove to church, black clouds rolled in, dramatic lightning on the horizon, cool wind sweeping away the heat. And now it’s just the perfect weather to sleep. Goodnight!