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It’s taken me ages to get these bags up into my Etsy store. I think I was feeling a bit hopeless about it all towards the end of last year and with December being the whirlwind it usually is, I just didn’t have the energy to think about TalulaMei. But I’m getting my mojo back.

If you’re ever in the market for a new bag or thinking of a present for someone, please do have a look at my stuff and see if anything grabs your attention! Also, don’t forget (or you might have missed it) – if you sign up to my newsletter you can get $5 off anything in the store. Though I’ve only sent out one newsletter so far…but hopefully another one soon!

And here is a bag I’m proud to show off. I finished it on Saturday, and it was very gratifying to have a bunch of mum’s friends over at the time, because they all cooed things to the effect of, “oh you’re so clever!” which is pretty ego boosting, I have to say.

It’s for TL, who is having her first bub very soon. Not ever having had to use a nappy bag, I have no idea of the requirements really, but an informal survey revealed the number one requirement is pockets. So I added a couple more pockets to the original design. And lots of space in the middle to stuff stuff. It’d be a useful overnight bag too, if nappies weren’t your thing. (there’s a lovely bright orange one in the store if you’re keen to get one yourself – and I’ll probably be making more, cos it’s a really great bag).