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Over the last year or so I’ve been doing a lot of reading and listening and thinking about creativity and small business and small creative business. One thing that comes up a lot is that you need to find your people. Find the people who resonate with what you’re doing/making/saying. You’re not going to be able to appeal to everyone; it would probably be weird if you did. You might appeal to some people a bit. But the ones who really get you? Those are your peeps.

They’re the ones who will support you, who will cheer you on, who will want to know what’s next for you. They’re the ones who will buy your things or turn up for your gig or go to your lecture. They’re your champions and fans. They’re your friends.

Today I was feeling a bit stressed and scattered. A Skype call was scheduled with the Bali BHB gang, but I wasn’t really feeling it. But after an hour of chatting to four other wonderful women, my spirits are buoyed and I’ve had a boost of positivity and encouragement that I needed.

I love my peeps! So, so grateful that I had the chance to meet each one of them, and so glad I get a front row seat to see what happens in each of their lives.