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It’s been a big, heavy week. Even if you try to avoid reading or watching the news too much, it’s hard to avoid hearing about the awful things happening in Sydney and Peshawar and all over the world. Even though most of our actual day to day routines haven’t been affected by these things, it’s hard not to feel a general sense of anxiety and bleakness about the world we live in.

At times like these, I need to go macro. I need to zoom in and be thankful for the things that are good in my everyday.

Pleasing collision of patterns in our new bathroom floor tiles
The abundant fireworky explosion of fuschias on the fence
New bags for The Spire Market nestling on the hatstand
The fat roundness of delicious dumplings being steamed on my stove.

The verse and questions in today’s Bible Society live light reading:

I hadn’t thought much about the angels in the Christmas story before, other than in their role as messengers. And in depictions, they tend to be portrayed in that distant, too-bright, formal kind of manner; well it would have been scary, true. But thinking about how they celebrate in heaven, and how they long to look into God’s word, how joyful and excited they must have been to give this good news of Jesus’ birth to the people!

I’m tired and a little heartsore. But there are good things to see and think about, all around.