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So it’s been almost a week without a bathroom. Mum almost checked into a hotel under the strain. I haven’t minded so much, except because my routine is now scattered from studio, to laundry, to kitchen sink I keep forgetting to do things like brush my teeth in the morning. *shrugs*

Everything became a lot easier once I installed the Separett Villa toilet on Thursday, and mum didn’t feel the need to escape anymore. It was very easy to install and I felt so hardcore as I drilled holes through the cabin wall and all that. I’ve never been so excited about a toilet.

the most exciting photo of a toilet ever

And they’re right, it actually doesn’t smell!

I’m a bit annoyed about the floor in the bathroom. Well, annoyed is a bit strong; mildly irritated perhaps. I thought I’d just finish up using the floorboards from the main room but I didn’t quite have enough. And I wasn’t going to spend another $60 on a new packet. So there are little gaps and weird bits in the corners that I have to work out what to do with. *shrugs*

I have to say, even though I do a bit of a bodge job, it’s very satisfying being able to DIY.

The main bathroom itself is coming along nicely. It doesn’t look vastly different, as so far it’s just been things like concreting and waterproofing. Those guys do not do a bodge job – they are very careful and thorough, which is what you want, really!

Can’t wait to see the fancy bits go in!