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With the creative energy injection I got in Bali, I’ve spent most of my spare time since I got back sprucing up the studio, which has been great and a different kind of ‘making’ than the usual crafty stuff.

I love making spaces pleasing and comfortable. It makes me feel good, makes my mind clearer. It usually doesn’t last all that long once I start using the space; the detritus of everyday life builds up like barnacles on the hull of a boat, and then I have to go through a big, refreshing clean up to get it back to feeling good.

But now I have the abundance of two spaces – my bedroom, which is now a lovely quiet space with a large bed and room to move, and my studio, which is big enough to house all my stuff without it looking like a cave of crap.

It’s been so great to be able to set up a space to my requirements, the fulfilment of a long-held dream. There are three main areas in my 20 square metre studio: I have a desk for my computer-based work, a sewing table for my crafty work, an empty space in the middle of the floor for doing yoga / setting up my massage table. There’s also now a guest bed which means we can now have people come and stay over if necessary. And best, there is storage along one wall for all my empty containers and oils and towels and fabrics and magazines and markers and coloured pencils and photography gear and recording gear and stuffed toys and…

Amazing what you can fit in 20 square metres! The luxuries of a) a spare room, b) a workspace that isn’t my bedroom and c) empty floor space cannot be overstated. I am so so so grateful for it.

This past weekend I borrowed A’s chainsaw and carved up some old railway sleepers that he had pulled out of his garden (he’s building a pool). I made some steps up to the studio, and started on the garden path that will go around the side to the garden behind the studio, also making use of some big fat river stones A didn’t want. I’ve got bruises on my leg from where I rested the chainsaw while trying to start it – I have never felt so puny as repeatedly yanking on that starter cord and nothing happening. And I was a bit frightened of the chainsaw at first, to be honest, but I got the hang of it pretty quickly. It’s surprisingly exhausting! My cuts are pretty, er, rustic, mainly because I couldn’t be bothered to tidy them up. Oh well, just sanded the edges and put some pot plants along the sides.

Next for the studio – installing some sort of bathroomy bits.

But now I need some crafting time, making something a bit more delicate that requires scissors instead of chainsaws and thread instead of giant nails.