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Our last day of retreat! It feels like it’s gone just the right pace; slowly but never boring, quickly but not so fast you can’t keep up. Everyone’s hearts were very full as we did our yoga and our morning bubble. Clare talked us through new ways of thinking, new beginnings, encouraging each of us to be our own creative hero. And we’re all each other’s creative heroes, I think – we’re all looking forward to getting home and getting stuck into our own things, but also keeping up with each other and seeing what we’re all going to do.

Afternoon crafting with Pip also included an informal Q&A about book publishing, blogging and online stuff. It was really helpful and also made me realise how much I already know about all that stuff. Most of us also agreed to film testimonials about the week to promote future retreats. We got set up down by the ducks on the edge of a rice paddy, and the ducks were very keen to be involved (so noisy!).

Then we had to get ready for the night’s partay – crazy makeup and bling encouraged! We gathered for our final afternoon bubble and the crew handed us all cards they had written to us. As we stood for the last time with Jessie asking us to close our eyes and breathe in…breathe out…there was a pause, then suddenly Nelly’s Hot in Herre came blasting through the room and that was it. Lots of crazy, fun, sweaty, joyous dancing. Then, because Clare was leaving early the next morning, we all took turns having photos with the crew (even though we were all super sweaty and there was no good light so we had to use flash). Here’s me with Jessie, Lisa (Clare’s sister and co-retreat mum), Clare and Pip (note by this stage they had been posing for photos in the heat for about half an hour, hence the weary looks):

The night evolved into a bit of a pool party complete with the two doctors in the group bombing everyone in the pool, and then a chilled lazing about, doing more craft, listening to C play the guitar and chatting til we all drifted off to bed.

It was such a wonderful day, filled with positivity and love and creativity and fun, with a whole bunch of people I didn’t even know a week ago, but who feel like good friends now.

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