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Today we had the lovely Rowe Timson come and do a workshop on iPhone photography. She is an Aussie living in Bali, and I eventually put it together that her mum is the woman behind 3Annies, the most gorgeous camera bags that i have admired for quite a while; I got to gush over hers.

Because the workshop was on iPhone photography, of course that meant we were allowed to bring our phones out. it was really nice to see that everyone was still present though – we were using our phones as cameras, not to connect with our lives back home. We roamed the villa to take some shots – so here’s more of a look at where I’m staying, what’s been dubbed the BHB Clubhouse (well the things I’ve liked looking at here anyway):

More people commented on my song and how much they loved it – I might have something here…after dinner I decided to work on it again but got distracted by singing fall at your feet with a couple of the others. Clare came running down from upstairs to join us, which then turned into everyone grabbing ukuleles and learning to play I still haven’t found what I’m looking for (which we modified to I’ve finally found what I’m looking for) and singing as many harmonies as we could cram in to throw your arms around me. Love a big spontaneous singalong! Turns out it was the 14th wedding anniversary of one of the women and she walked down the aisle to that song, so it was extra special. 

Here’s today’s drawneling page: