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This weekend has been pretty good. Started with lots and lots of coffee, delicious food and amusing company in the form of the Philipses at John Smith in Waterloo. Got some painty craft in, hung some pictures and did some product photography in the studio while watching Newsroom season 2. Made a pav (love making pavlovas – always impressive looking and tasty), then took it and had a yummy dinner with Uns and Streets, followed by hilarious games (I still can’t believe I won).
Today I attacked the greenery alongside the studio. I needed to clear a path to get to the pleasant rainforesty garden at the back, a job that included getting rid of a tall tree fern stump. Unfortunately the ground is thick with vines so digging anything out wasn’t so easy. Mostly hack and slash and I just leaned on the tree stump with my full weight until it broke off. That was quite good. And it’s done! Next project is to make an actual path; A next door gave me a huge pile of river stones from his garden that he didn’t want so they will feature in it somewhere. Reuse! Hurrah!
There was even time for a rest before heading to church for music rehearsal.
Paused at Krispy Kreme on the way home from church for a milkshake and doughnut and then found myself in the midst of Tony Abbott’s motorcade coming from the airport. That was weird. Also all the cars were white; maybe it’s only in America (or TV) that the leader’s cars are all black. 
Then crocheted and watched Cilla on the ABC with mum. Enjoyable series – also resonant, watching this talented girl being frustrated at being in the typing pool (which was a good, respectable job) while longing to be a rock singer. 
So show and tell – here’s my current crochet project:

I love this rippley project and the colours too of course. The thing about using different colours is I get impatient for the next colour change almost as soon as I start a new colour. I just want to see how it looks!

Craft, church, cooking, singing, friends,  good things to watch and enough rest. Thank God for perfectly balanced weekends!