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It’s worth writing a gratitude list on days when it feels too hard to move forward. I’m frustrated with myself for wanting to do things but not being able to. But there is still plenty to be grateful for.

  • this long couch to lie on, sun filtered through the blinds, nothing but the companionable hum of the fridge and distant shushing of passing cars that could be the sound of waves if I don’t think about it too much.
  • swinging in my hammock chair in the morning, warm breeze ruffling the virginia creeper on the fence so that the leaves danced.
  • doing yoga, making my recalcitrant body bend, stretch and move, feeling like my joints have been re-oiled.
  • crunchy nut cornflakes
  • William Goldman’s writing
  • reading tweets and FB comments from fellow creative-retreaters getting excited about the upcoming trip; so grateful to be a part of this.
  • that God loves me no matter how tired I am. His love is such a simple yet complex yet simple truth.