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So tomorrow I fly to Bali for the Big Hearted Business Creative Retreat.

I’m excited and nervous. I started watching videos and listening to interviews from the Big Hearted Business members’ site, as I sit here at work stuffing envelopes. Talks about plugging away at creative work, about taking risks, about tipping points and the importance of letting creativity out. It’s revived all those feelings of being on the edge of possibility that came up when I went to the Big Hearted Business conference.

This one in particular is great. If you have a spare 50 minutes, or you need something to listen to while you’re doing something else, watch this talk from Darren Rowse (of dPS and Problogger fame). It’s inspiring and funny and practical, if you want to work out how to get dreams out of your head and into reality.

Dream big. Take a step towards realising them every day, no matter how small. I imagine my coming week is going to be filled with moments like these.