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I don’t often go anywhere on a long weekend, but this past weekend I went up to the Betbeders’ holiday house at Marks Point with Anna and Sammi for a bit of girl time.

Drove up with mum and went to the Olive Tree Market first, meeting up with Jess, Elsie and Lee. It’s a lovely market, with great food and some interesting stalls. Mum thinks my bags are better than the ones that were selling there, though I did point out some were leather and hand printed and all of that. That’s why they cost more; with handmade you pay more because it’s handmade, but if it’s also made of expensive materials or involves some unique artistic endeavour, then you pay for that too (which is as it should be).

I really liked the laser cut leather jewellery by Doury, and bought one of the smaller necklaces. I would quite like one of the amazing collar necklaces (like this) to wear with a black dress or something, but generally because of my short neck and large bosom those sorts of necklaces can be a bit too much. But they looked really nice on the woman at the stall.

We went back to the lake house, and mum and Guy headed back to Sydney. We rested and put Anna’s new cake stand together just so we could have our own high tea (with nougat and doughnuts from Doughheads I’d bought at the markets).
Sammi made a delicious beef salad for dinner and we painted our nails while watching Suddenly 30. I experimented with the marbled water application effect thing but I think it takes a bit of practice to do without it looking like a weird mess. Anyway, it was fun to play with colours. Then we introduced Sammi to Community.
On Sunday we sat around in our pyjamas, soaking up the brilliant blue of the water view and watching birds. We read the WordLive reading on Philippians 4:10-23, had a good chat about contentment and gratitude and prayed together. I did a little desire map writing.

We went out for a yummy lunch at Cafe Macquarie, bought supplies for dinner and headed back for more laying around, looking at the view and some al fresco massages on the deck. It was actually so nice for me, as the masseur, because I had the view to look at while I worked.
We ambled down the steep stairs to the lake edge and went for a short wander as the sun set. I played with the impressive macro feature on the Camera+ app (the camera on my new phone helps too, I suspect).

I made a tomatoey chicken gluten free pasta thing for dinner, we watched more Community and then Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey which was a lot worse than any of us remembered (we laughed a lot though). 
This morning Anna treated us to a delicious cooked breakfast. We did more bird watching (so many rainbow lorikeets!) and then finished off the girly treatment with some Jurlique face masks Elsie had given us, which of course was the perfect photo opportunity:
I headed home not long after and, of course, fell straight asleep as soon as I got home. Man, all this relaxing is exhausting! 
I am so grateful for these lovely women, so glad to have them to laugh and be silly with, but also to share the hard times in life when they happen. I’m also grateful for holidays and for living in such a beautiful part of the world!