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So my fabulous little cabin got built a couple of weeks ago and I haven’t written about it yet! Those who were following along on Facebook saw some pics, but I figured it’s probably worth documenting the whole thing. You know, for posterity and stuff.

Lucas, his dad (who designs the cabins) and his offsider from Cabin Kits Galore turned up bright and early, and we’d barely blinked before they started work. The cabins have been designed to fit together quickly, the thick wood planks pre cut and labelled, locking together like a giant puzzle.

We had cleared the decks (literally) and they just built right on top of the railway sleepers.

I proved to be the world’s worst tea lady, asking them if they wanted tea, proceeding to make it and then forgetting to take it out to them. Lack of hot beverage didn’t slow them down, though.

By 5.30 pm, it was done! Lucas actually apologised that they hadn’t finished earlier and I said, “man you just put up a cabin in a ten hours – no apology needed!”

They were lovely guys, professional and polite. I think my only gripe with the whole process is that we had to dispose of the rubbish (the packaging of all the sections of wood and a whole lot of offcuts), but out of the pile of scraps I managed to salvage quite a bit of wood that I’m going to use for something else and really compared to a regular building site there was hardly any rubbish at all. So it wasn’t that much of a gripe, really.

Because now we have a cabin! Next up: everything else that needs to happen to get it habitable.