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Oxygen is a big conference run by KCC at Australian Technology Park, with the tagline “fuel your passion for Christian ministry”. There is a fantastic lineup of speakers, workshop leaders and musicians. It’s so encouraging to be in a room full of people involved in ministry of some sort. Exhausting, but encouraging.

The thing that really gets me feeling good is singing with thousands of people. Our church is a small one and no matter how passionately people sing (which isn’t always very passionate), you’re never going to get that quality of sound that thousands of voices raised in praise generate.

I may write my notes up more fully – actually I was only really taking notes in the music ministry electives with Bob Kauflin. I don’t have the energy to do that right now but I know some people who read this blog aren’t on Twitter so thought I’d repost my tweets here so you can see what I’ve been hearing the last two days.

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The main talks will be available to stream for free on the KCC app – as well as plenty of other talks from other KCC conferences. The ones I’ve heard so far are great and I have no doubt the rest of the week will be just as edifying. I won’t be there tomorrow, sadly, as I have too much work on and am just too exhausted. But I hope to go back on Thursday to hear the last talk.