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Read Pip’s latest blog post and thought taking stock is always a good idea. So here goes.

Making: framed Bible verse prints to auction at this Saturday’s SU NSW trivia night (you should come! buy tickets!)
Cooking: hmm…just realised I haven’t cooked anything for ages!
Drinking: tasty shiraz malbec
Reading: Robin Hobb’s new book (eee!) Fool’s Assassin
Wanting: a new, healthy, energetic body
Looking: a bit weary – I never know how to respond when people say “oh you look tired”. Should I be grateful they noticed, or disappointed that I wasn’t hiding it as well as I thought?
Playing: Candy Crush Saga way too much
Deciding: to have a bath and putting on a moisturising mask and then rubbing in rose body oil. It was a good decision.
Wishing: I could have a long, proper break from work and start back with a clean slate
Enjoying: the way the garden looks so glistening and green and revived after all the recent rain
Waiting: for my brand new massage table, which should arrive tomorrow!
Liking: sitting alone in the silent house, listening to cars pass by in the rain
Wondering: if I will ever get married and have children, and whether I mind
Loving: liberally using the Jurlique goodies Elsie gave me (see above re: bath)
Watching: Friday Night Lights
Hoping: that the trivia night will run smoothly and we’ll all have a great time – love event organising but there’s always a bit of nervousness (hey, have I mentioned that you should come? buy tickets!)
Marvelling: at what I can get done even when I feel terrible
Needing: a massage (thankfully I’m getting one on Friday!)
Smelling: the beautiful Calming blend from SEOC (mandarin, cedarwood atlas, bergamot, clary sage, lavandin, vetiver)
Wearing: my comfy clothes – trackies, Bonds sloppy joe, ugg boots
Following: Jesus
Noticing: new lavender spikes on the Italian lavender plants at the front fence and buds amongst the daffodil greenery
Knowing: God is awesome and I am saved
Thinking: this list is really long
Admiring: people who quietly get on with life, even when it is hard
Buying: a cabin!
Bookmarking: my Red Cross online first aid course (I did 13% of it just now and haven’t the headspace for more, even though it’s pretty straightforward)
Disliking: this foggy head that won’t clear
Giggling: at John Oliver
Feeling: like butter scraped over too much bread
Snacking: on green tea moon cake (pictured above)
Coveting: guitar playing skills
Wishing: the world wasn’t so messed up
Helping: a friend at her dad’s funeral on Saturday
Hearing: my cat’s rumbly purr as she curls up beside me for bedtime