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It’s been a really full on week at work (as I keep saying), and today I was trying to do a billion things at once (with mixed success). Though I was fading fast, I was looking forward to seeing some lovely friends tonight at a birthday party that also had a craft component – perfect!

Except because I was in an exhausted daze, I left my phone at home. Which had the address on it. Although I knew the street address because I’ve been there many times, I couldn’t remember the flat number. Mum didn’t have V’s phone number in her phone. We tried a couple of people we knew would be there but couldn’t get through (unsurprisingly they couldn’t hear their phones while at the party). Meanwhile, the sudden icy winds were buffeting us around and making us feel a bit miserable.

We actually got into the building with another resident, but couldn’t make the lift buttons work – I guess that must be a security feature, so that’s probably good to know if you actually live in the building, that randoms like us can’t just wander around!

We eventually gave up and came home. We’re sorry V! And now we’re going to have pizza and just crash. But it feels a bit like this:

It also makes me a bit concerned that I can’t remember peoples’ addresses or phone numbers anymore. But I guess not many people do, hey? I think mum’s is the only mobile number I know from memory.