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This morning was an ordeal but I got through it! Hurrah!

I left the house at 8, slightly later than I’d hoped, but Google maps suggested two hours to get to the central coast, so I thought I’d arrive a little late but not too late. The real world, however, had other plans. Three hours and 20 minutes to get from Hurstville to MacMasters Beach. Two of those hours were from Hurstville to Ryde. Insanity.

Though I was mega late (and got two slightly concerned phone calls from my boss), I was resigned to taking my time. I arrived in time for the second half of the morning’s sessions and everyone seemed pleased to see me – and I’m pleased to see them! Nice to get hugs from your co-workers and for them to say that they are so glad you made it. I really am blessed with this bunch of people.

I still think teleporting should be a thing. I’d be able to get out a lot more if I didn’t have to worry about getting there. Though I did realise I do still actually enjoy driving – the drive up to the central coast after you turn off the Pacific Highway is really quite pleasant if you’re going along at 110.

Though the effort was worth it. The house we’re staying in for staff retreat is one of those perfect white and wood beach houses. The sea is huge and stormy and so close. Even though it’s raining, it’s just the perfect place to sit and stare out at the ever-changing seascape.

And soon I am running a session on social media. Ha!