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So my massage study hasn’t been that thorough over the last few months because of a lack of time, but when I do get a chance to do a bit of study I really enjoy it. I also realise how much information I retained from high school biology, because although a lot of the anatomy stuff is new, so much of it is familiar.

I really loved high school biology. My main memory of it is being in a prac class with a bunch of Chinese boys who were totally squeamish. We were looking at how lungs worked and had sheep lungs or something on the table that we were supposed to inflate by blowing through a tube. They were practically scaling the walls to get away, they were so repulsed, while I was in there having a grand old time. Blowing up sheep lungs. Yup.

I just downloaded an app called Essential Anatomy 4, which allows you to explore all the different systems in the body and is just a fascinating tool, regardless of whether you’re studying or not. It makes you realise how much just happens in our bodies that we have absolutely no idea about.

Also the stomach is a lot higher up in the body than I thought it was. *blush*

I am really enjoying the practical massaging side of things too. Even after only nine prac hours, I’ve noticed how my body has gotten used to the positions it needs to be in. The first couple of times I was a bit achey after giving massages, but now I find it quite relaxing. Someone asked the other day whether it hurt my hands, but it honestly doesn’t; we’re taught correct hand positions and postures so that we’re looking after our own bodies as much as the bodies of the people we’re massaging.

George and mum both say they can feel how I’m improving, which is encouraging! And Sammi told me today she thinks I can give up my day job. 😀

I have to say thank you to those friends who are acting as massage guinea pigs for me. It’s a real privilege to be trusted to work on you! I know you’re getting a free massage out of it, but really, I appreciate it so much.

I have to book in to do a first aid course too at some point – I’ve always meant to do one actually, so I’m kind of looking forward to that.