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Today what made me feel good was going to the winter hafla at Amera’s Palace in Marrickville and bellydancing in front of an audience for the first time!

My normal class size is about 8-10 women, but our routine was combining all the Inspire Bellydance fundamentals classes so there ended up being 30+ people and we didn’t all fit in the performance area! But even though it was squashy, I think everyone had a great time and in the end there were so many of us, you didn’t need to feel worried that people would notice any mistakes!

It was so much fun. I haven’t seen much live bellydance, so it was a real treat to sit there for a couple of hours and see the teachers, students and guests perform. And it was so wonderful to have a room full of women in gorgeous costumes, feeling great and looking fantastic.

Things I love about bellydance:

  • it feels so good to do
  • you find out about all sorts of muscles that you didn’t know you had
  • it’s great exercise without being boring or feeling especially exercisey
  • you start getting much better co-ordinated / more in control of your body
  • people of all different ages, shapes and sizes do it
  • the heavy beat of the music
  • everyone there today had huge smiles on their faces!
I will always be grateful to Georgina for suggesting we go and do it all those years ago in Rozelle. I love my current class; the women are so friendly and we laugh like crazy every week. Other classes I’ve been to have been enjoyable in terms of the dancing, but the group hasn’t gelled quite like this one.
So if you’re near Kingsgrove (and you’re a woman) you should come join my class next term! But even if you’re not near Kingsgrove, Inspire Bellydance (my school) has classes all over Sydney. 
Me and my teacher, Jess