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And so, give or take a couple of days, this post marks me blogging every day for two months! The prompts have been frustrating at times (especially the ones I wrote myself!) but it’s been useful to be forced to think of something to write, even if I don’t feel like it. And good for me to keep up the practice.

I’d like to keep writing every day, but I know realistically that without prompts I probably won’t. But we’ll see.

So August. Here’s what’s next for me.

  • A few birthday gatherings, for young and old. I think one end of the age spectrum is my uncle’s 70th and the other end is Astrid’s 4th.
  • Setting up and hanging out at the SU NSW stand at Oxygen this coming week. My boss suggested I only go for half the time, given my intense workload at the moment. Although I was a bit disappointed not to go to all the sessions, the truth is I’m so tired I probably wouldn’t have gotten much out of them anyway. So I’ll make the most of Monday and Tuesday. If you’re going to the conference, make sure you come and say hi!
  • Visiting the Baddeleys in Brisbane for a weekend!
  • Performing again with the girls from Inspire Bellydance at the Bellydance Expo. Yes, there is such a thing.
  • Going on our twice-yearly staff retreat – this time to MacMasters Beach. I’ve already warned everyone I’ll probably cry again, but I think they’ve come to expect it.
  • Running a trivia night at SU NSW, hopefully raising heaps of money and having a great time. You should come!