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I didn’t blog yesterday because it was a huuuuge day at work and I was just exhausted.

So. The perfect meal. I love food so this is a hard one.

It always has to involve dessert. The entree and main (if you’re doing three courses at a restaurant) are never as important to me as a dessert, and restaurant desserts are usually worth getting because they’ll be things you probably wouldn’t make at home.

My favourite dessert used to be at Restaurant Balzac, which sadly doesn’t exist anymore. But they would do a dessert tasting plate, which would be this big square plate with nine (I think nine…or maybe twelve) perfectly formed tiny desserts laid out like a chequerboard. They were always beautiful to look at and delicious to taste.

I like the amuse bouches that fancy restaurants sometimes bring out between courses. A little espresso cup of soup or something. Maybe I just like things in miniature…actually that’s true, I’m a fan of degustation meals, except they’re usually so expensive I’ve only done them a handful of times.

As for the main, if I’m at a restaurant that does French style food, I like duck. But my brother is disdainful about this from his time working at Tabou on Crown Street (which also no longer exists…that’s kind of par for the course in Sydney, isn’t it? Don’t get too attached to your restaurants, people). He would say the Chinese customers would always order the duck. Well I’m half Chinese, I’m entitled.

Actually, they used to do a twice baked gruyere and goats cheese souffle there that was incredible.

Maybe that’s my perfect meal. Something French. With delicious wine.