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Oops. I should have looked at this before now and taken more photos.

Woke to the postman delivering a parcel – my new Panache sports bra which was so comfortable I wore it all day.

 I had to pull over on the way to work because I was falling asleep. That wasn’t photo worthy.

Worked hard all day. Also not very interesting to look at. EXCEPT FOR THE KOMBI – oh I was excited to see it! I designed the decal for our SUPA Club kombi rebranding and hoped that it would turn out alright…it looks fantastic! Apparently at the workshop where the decal was put on, the van had to be driven out into the sun every day for the decal to cure, and the burly blokes in the workshop fought over who got to drive what they dubbed the “happy van”.

Finally remembered to book the massage with the voucher my aunt gave me for my birthday in April (that’s how bad at self care I am).

Again, almost fell asleep coming home. Took me an hour and a half to get home because of traffic, but also because I had to stop and walk around Officeworks for 15 minutes, yawning, to try and get some alertness happening.

Came home to another parcel – a new hip scarf and zills (finger cymbals) for bellydancing! I’m doing extension classes so now we’re learning how to do more fancy stuff, and playing zills is part of it. I only got cheapies to start with; hopefully they’ll suffice for a while.