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Ideally, it will be something that has many seasons, so you can do multiple binges. It won’t work for something like Sherlock, for example, with only three or four episodes per season (seriously, what is that? Yes, I know it’s quality over quantity, but still).

But it also depends on what you’re in the mood for, whether you want to use your brain or just look at the pretty pictures. My faves are The West Wing and Gilmore Girls. Plenty of seasons, plenty of eps, good acting, good writing. One for when brain is switched on, one for when brain is a bit mushy. And they stand up to repeat viewings.

Unsurprisingly, TV bingeing can have adverse effects. I used to do Friends binges with a flatmate, but I actually found it starting to warp my worldview. You wouldn’t think that such a lightweight show would have the power to do that, but yep, it was screwing up what I thought a good relationship looked like, and what sort of lifestyle I ought to be aiming for. Very good at making me feel dissatisfied. I can still enjoy it, but not in big chunks.

I tend to binge watch shows while I sew now. I mark how long it takes me to make a bag by how many episodes of whatever show I’m watching – my last Daytripper bag took me eight and a bit episodes of Friday Night Lights. A lot happened to those characters during the creation of that bag.