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This month I’ll be:

  • visiting ministries – I’m going up to Springwood tomorrow to hang out with the crew at the ISCF Leadership Conference. On Saturday I’m going to take photos at the party celebrating 60 years of Huskisson SUFM. On Monday I’ll be popping in to a training day for the ISCFers at North Sydney Boys and Girls. There’s also Directors’ Training Day later in the month, when the leaders from all the mission teams in the state get together for singing, eating, training and catching up. And right at the end of the month, we’re holding an evening event for SUPA club leaders, and launching a resource kit which I’ve had a bit of a hand in designing. I don’t get out from behind my desk very often to meet with the volunteers who are involved in Scripture Union ministries and that’s something I want to do more of (even though the introvert in me would rather stay behind the desk!). Seems like July is the month to do it!
  • performing – Well, just once. This Sunday marks my first time performing with my bellydance class, a short routine we’ve been learning all term to a drum solo called “Saidi Hani Mhanna”. We’re performing at the winter hafla, which is basically just a big party where there will be students from our bellydancing school and others, as well as professional performers.
  • massaging – I’m slowly getting back into massage study – it took a bit of a back seat for a month or so while other things were going on. But I’ve got some bookings in to get my log book hours up. I can feel my own body getting used to the postures I need to adopt to protect my own back while massaging, and mum says I’m getting more confident. It also makes me feel good to make other people feel good – that’s why I was interested in studying it in the first place.
  • marketing – I was recently invited to join the Royal Markets at the Royal Albert Hotel in Surry Hills, and I think I’ll be going along on 27 July for the first time (though I haven’t confirmed this yet)
That’s quite enough to be going on with!