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I wake up when I am ready to (not too early, not too late), at just the right temperature, feeling well rested. I don’t need to rush to be anywhere, but can sit quietly in my pyjamas, eating breakfast, catching up on online stuff. Or not.

It’s a sunny day, but cool. I go out for morning tea/brunch with mum and/or a friend or two. Somewhere near the water, with good coffee and ricotta pancakes or similar. Time for a stroll perhaps, while talking about life, the universe and everything.

In the afternoon, I go to a calm, quiet and beautiful spa and have a massage. With hot rocks. Maybe there are Japanese hot and cold pools to luxuriate in. Yes, I think there are.

In the evening, I get dressed up in fine clothes and go out for dinner somewhere special – with whom I don’t know. Someone who makes me feel good. But what I do know is that there will be excellent dessert. And wine.

I get home and take my makeup off and by some domestic magic there are crisp, clean sheets on the bed. I nestle down into the bedclothes, read some chapters of an excellent book and drift off to sleep.