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So in the last three hours…

Friday is a work at home day. I did some colouring in in Illustrator to finalise a decal for our Kombi van – it’s going to be used for our SUPA Clubs, possibly as a mobile puppet theatre, filled with balloons and fun. Here is an artist’s rendition (er, my rendition) of what it will look like (I hope):

I’m rather fond of it. My first vehicle wrap!
Mum has Fridays off so we decided to take a lunch break at Gasolina. I was rather enjoying sitting in the sun, and we ordered coffee and club sandwiches. And then two women came and sat at the table next to us, blocked the sun, talked very loudly and lit cigarettes and kept looking over at us, as though we were eavesdropping on them (which we weren’t, well, not intentionally). We couldn’t finish our lunch anyway (it was huge) but their presence didn’t make us want to linger. How is it that some people just take up all the available space? It’s baffling.
So we bought cronuts to take away and came home.
And now, back to work.