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Well, because I know as soon as I say I’ve received a parcel of new eShakti dresses there will be a chorus of “Pic?” from certain tweeters, I went on a pre-emptive strike and snapped some pics – the dresses are right out of the box so they’re a bit crumpled!

I have come to the conclusion that I will never be a model (plus sized or otherwise) because a) I can’t help making faces all the time, b) I don’t know how to stand, c) I seem to have no neck (Tyra might have advice on that) and d) I don’t actually want to be a model.

Also I seem to be looking over to one side a lot. There really wasn’t anything very interesting on that fencepost.

Anyway, here are my new dresses, which arrived this morning, courtesy of dear Dave who sent them on from the US for me. And here am I, looking spontaneous and totally natural as I lean casually against an archway in my garden.

The last one was a bit of a gamble – I wanted to try a light, bright colour but wasn’t sure it was really my thing (it’s radiant orchid, Pantone’s colour of the year). I like the style of the dress but I might dye it darker. Must remember, I need to stick to darker, vibrant colours. Also ones that don’t clash with my hair (though to be fair, my hair wasn’t this colour at the time I ordered the dress).

So then we move on to the skirt I got from Holy Clothing that really does match my hair! I needed a skirt for an upcoming bellydance performance (my first one!) and I’ve been coveting the HC skirts for a while (the hip scarf isn’t part of it). It’s so swishy. I love it.

And to end with, something I made myself! I finally finished my jumper – Tall Latte by Doris Chan, in Bendigo Woollen Mills Stellar yarn. It’s snuggly, and very ‘me’.