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Hm. The topic was actually “Share a photo every day for a typical week”, which probably means I should have been collecting photos of my typical week over the past seven days. Well I’ll just have to describe it instead. It’s a good thing to do, taking stock, because in my mind all it feels like I do is go to work and sleep, but I know that’s not true.

I start the week at SU NSW in Rydalmere. I complain a lot about the commute, because really that’s the worst part of the day. My office is great and the people in it are lovely. I mean, look at them.

Then the evening is usually free, which I need for getting myself together for the rest of the week. I’ll usually be sewing while watching things on my computer, or crocheting while watching TV with mum.

Tuesday is a busy day in the office, because it’s when most people are in – many of the staff are out and about as part of their jobs, or work at home part of the week. So Tuesday is the agreed upon day when we all try and be in the office together. We catch up, have lunch together (which is usually raucous), read the Bible and pray.

In the evening is growth group. A bunch of us from church meet at the Betbeders’ in Bexley to have dinner, study the Bible and pray together.

Tuesday is a busy, tiring day because it is full of conversation and lots of people time, but there is a lot of richness in there too. And opening the Bible with people is always good.

Wednesday is a work at home day! This is great after a busy Tuesday, because I don’t have to drive anywhere and I can just be comfy in my trackies. Then in the evening it’s bellydancing in Kingsgrove with Jessica and a bunch of fun women. It’s been really fun this year, and I enjoy exercising this way (we have a performance coming up soon; I’m enjoying learning the choreography but I know I’ll be nervous on the day!).

Back to the office on Thursdays. It’s usually a lot quieter, and I don’t have anything regularly scheduled in the evenings. I’ve started scheduling in massage practice sessions on Thursday nights, because I need to get my logbook hours up, but that’s okay because it happens at home.

I think I can only really manage two things every week. I much prefer spontaneous things (if I have the energy) over something that takes up a night every week. I don’t know why. I guess a full diary stresses me out and if you commit to something that runs over a term or whatever, your diary is already full before you’ve even had time to think about it.

My second work at home day! And usually it’s an unplanned evening, often involving sewing.

Saturdays often get full, but it’s rarely with the same thing. I do relish a blank Saturday. It might have gardening in it, or a trip to Bunnings/Spotlight/Ikea (depends what project I’m working on!), or a meal out or… Next week is Supanova. The following week is the Spire Market. I like it being varied.

Almost always a guaranteed sleep in and pottering around morning while mum is at church. Lunch together. Then I go to church – if I’m on music I’ll go early for rehearsal.

So that’s a typical week for me!