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I’ll just use the whole page, shall I?

Sometimes motivational slogans can be a bit twee and annoying. But I quite liked this page. It was in a magazine called Tickle the imagination, another freebie in our BHB unconference gift bags. I had never seen this mag before but I really like it; it “celebrates the handmade and creative community in Australia”. Well that’s right up my alley, isn’t it?

In fact it’s quite a good summary of the whole BHB unconference, really.

My creative dreaming phase has kind of slowed down, due to my job taking over my energy and brain space. It’s quite hard to hold work and creative pursuits in tension with one another, especially when you only have a certain amount of energy to devote to either. That’s why I’d eventually like my creative pursuits to be my work. But it’s such an awkward, frustrating time in between when you’re testing things out and trying to make things work, but you don’t have enough time to devote to it properly, so it ends up just being a bit half hearted and never quite gaining momentum. I can’t remember which BHB speaker said it, but someone said that they were terrified to quit their job to pursue creative business, but they realised that’s what they had to do; they had to take their creative business seriously and devote serious time to it, otherwise it would never thrive. And to their surprise and delight, the money came in and the business grew because it was being treated as a business.

I don’t know when I’ll be ready. I’m still feeling this out. I need to make a plan. In the meantime, I will stick this page on my wall and look at it a lot.