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I tend to read blogs on Feedly, and have them organised into groups like ‘people I know’, ‘people I sort of know’, ‘people I don’t know’ – it’s a very complex categorisation, as you can tell.

There are a bunch I subscribe to but these are the ones I will always read if something is posted:

People I know are at the top of my list, so I always read them first, and they’re mostly personal blogs, sharing life, thoughts, hobbies, that sort of thing.

Sammi Betbeder – Stuff by Sammi
Karen Beilharz – /karen/
Georgina Barratt-See – To live
Georgia Poulos – Transforming Gee
Ali Payne – Something this foggy day
Rachel and Seumas Macdonald – Macdonalds in Mongolia

I don’t read many fashion blogs, but my fave is Frocks and Frou Frou – I like Lili’s style and what she has to say. She’s body positive without banging on about it all the time.

My favourite design blog is Design Milk – they always have interesting things to look at.

My two favourite idle stuffs blogs are 22 words for random quirkiness, and The Mary Sue for more pop culture type quirkiness.