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Oops I missed yesterday – I was at Supanova with Karen all day, and had kind of planned to make a scrapbook page while I sat there but…didn’t. I crocheted instead; that is much more portable than having to take all the bits and pieces I would have needed to scrapbook.

When did ‘scrapbook’ become a verb?

Well I will show you some pages from an actual scrapbook that I made when I was in high school. No washi tape. No embellishments. Just stuff I liked, stuck into a contact-covered exercise book with glue.

It makes me laugh actually, to see the things I covered in this particular book. Topics included: friends; stuff from a school ski trip to Thredbo; tags from clothes I liked, including my Levis and Hypercolor t shirt (SO trendy); several pages on the Commitments, Andrew Strong’s visit to Australia and our Commitments cover band (so it was a cover band of a cover band – we were so meta before that was a thing):

An intriguing page titled “guess who owns the body part” – no it wasn’t smutty, it was just before digital photography when you had to get photos developed and so often you’d get random photos of someone’s thumb or leg or something completely out of focus, but you couldn’t delete them. And you had to pay however much per print just for the privilege of seeing that you sucked as a photographer. So I stuck them in my scrapbook instead. Hurrah the digital age!

Ooh, the Concert for Life at Centennial Park feat. Crowded House, Rat Cat, Yothu Yindi, Diesel, Jenny Morris, Def FX and INXS before Michael Hutchence died (that was a really good concert); a bunch of Far Side Comics; coverage of the Prince concert I went to (one of the first big stadium concerts I went to); stuff our school jazz band played at (the Little Big Band); Strictly Ballroom; and a bunch of pages on Jesus Christ Superstar, the arena spectacular with John Farnham as JC and Jon Stevens as Judas. That was seriously an excellent show, I don’t care what that review said.

Ah, memories.