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I have a black cat, so clearly not.

It’s funny, when I was a kid you’d play those games when walking down a footpath of avoiding cracks – “step on a crack, break your mother’s back” – but I never actually thought if I stepped on a crack something would happen to my mum.

When I was a teenager, I read an interview about a band I liked, and it noted that the lead singer was very superstitious. Apparently whenever an ambulance went past, he compulsively had to touch a button on his clothing. I found that intriguing. Why on earth would you need to touch a button?

Well I didn’t have the internet then, so I couldn’t look it up. Now I can! Here you go, a long standing mystery in my mind is finally solved:

One of the most long-lasting of such superstitions is the belief that if you see an ambulance or a hearse, you must touch a button on your clothing immediately or you will be the next person getting a free ride in said vehicle. This superstition was first seen in Victorian times, and one variant was that you needed to grab and hold the button until you saw a bird fly by to be truly protected. (Source )

How odd.

Another superstition around death for Chinese people is apparently white moths symbolising the soul of the departed person (is that just a Chinese thing? I don’t know). My grandmother (Mama) was apparently very upset when my grandfather (Yeh Yeh) was laid out after he died, because she saw a white moth and thought it was him (she was quite superstitious). Oddly enough, at the funeral parlour when I arrived for her wake, I noticed a moth fluttering around the ceiling and I thought it was was appropriate! (but I didn’t think it was her, just so we’re clear!)