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So tonight’s guest blogger is none other than Sammi herself (she who set the topics for this month of blogging) – and I’m the guest blogger on her site too!

One of Sammi’s dolls for sale at her sister’s cafe, The Dragonfly Lounge, in Orange

Sammi makes sweet dolls, and sells amazing Copic markers, and we run the Spire Market together. So she’s got quite a bit of creativity running through her veins! Here are Sammi’s top 10 tips to living a creative life.

  1. Be bold – Don’t be afraid to make mistakes… that’s how we sometimes get the best ideas. Mistakes are opportunities 🙂 …the best way to learn and grow.
  2. As Alice would say, “Curious and Curiouser!” Explore the world around you. Imagine you are seeing the world through a child’s eyes… sometimes as we grow up we lose the Creativity that comes naturally to others.
  3. Allow yourself time to play… experiment 🙂
  4. Keep a notebook where you can record ideas when they come. If you keep it next to your bed you can get those thoughts that sometimes keep you awake and this might help with that.
  5. Look after yourself. Get sleep and eat well (they say exercise is good too).
  6. Read LOTS of different things!
  7. Schedule some quiet time for yourself into your day.
  8. Spend time with other creatives … it’s always good to be inspired by others and share thoughts and creations with like minded people.
  9. Take risks … embrace the mess.
  10. Be yourself – as Dr Seuss wrote, “You are you and that is true, there’s no one in the world who is you-er than you”. Don’t compare yourself to others; we are all unique and no two people are the same.
Thanks Sammi!
(By the way, Sammi and our friend Virginia are running some crafty workshops throughout the day at the next Spire Market on 28 June. If you want to make some gorgeous cards or learn how to colour with Copics like Sammi does (the image below is just one example), make sure you come along!)