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Thank you if you read my blatherings. It often surprises me when someone quietly whispers, “I read your blog the other day…” like it’s a secret shame. Maybe it is! But I like learning that people read what I write. In fact the only thing that kept me writing it a few years ago was learning that a dear friend from my last church was checking my blog every day in the hope that I’d written something, and I felt I couldn’t disappoint her! It’s nice that someone wants to get to know you better and know what you think.

Now, there is this thought that reading someone’s blog (or Facebook wall or Twitter feed) is stalking them. I really hate that term. It would be stalking if you broke into my house to read my private journal, or stood outside my window, gazing in over my shoulder as I wrote, or followed me as I walked down the street…now I’m creeping myself out. Don’t do any of that.

But reading my blog (or Facebook wall or Twitter feed) – I put this stuff out there cos I don’t mind people knowing it. So read on! Comment if the fancy takes you! Or stay “lurking” (as a term that’s only a shade off “stalking” but I don’t mind lurkers).

Because after all, remember my blog’s ‘mission statement’:

Here’s to another 1000.