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Welcome to post one of the Stuff by Sammi Gentle Encouragement to Blog More or SBSGETBM (which is what the tag at the bottom of the post stands for, in case you’re wondering, which, let’s face it, you’re probably not). This should have been posted yesterday but I was on a plane for most of yesterday and a zombie for the bits when I wasn’t on a plane.

So. This month I’m looking forward to:

  • going to Supanova on the 14th to promote Kinds of Blue (which is still going strong) and Karen and Paul’s new book Eternal Life (so exciting!). And a chance to wear the pink wig again.
The Hive Mind at Supanova 2012
  • seeing/hearing Robin Hobb, one of my favourite authors, at Supanova…maybe meeting her too? She’s not charging for signing, which is awesome (doesn’t seem like authors do, it’s just the TV/movie stars) but then this problem arises – which of the 13 books of hers that I own do I take? (I actually own a few more on my Kindle but…ooh, maybe she could sign my Kindle? No…)
  • picking my mum up from the airport and giving her a big hug (she comes back from a month in the UK on the 15th)
  • getting back into sewing again – I seem to have lost my mojo a bit and I need to make more TalulaMei stock and some custom orders
  • the winter Spire Market (on the 28th)
That’s quite a lot, really!