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On Friday I farewelled dad at the unholidaylike hour of 5:30am, and went back to sleep while he flew home to KL. I had a most civilised checkout time of 1pm, so I ordered blueberry pancakes for breakfast and lazed around, listening to John Mayer and reading.

I thought I should probably venture out, but the soundproofing is so good in the room, and I hadn’t looked out the window so I didn’t realise it was absolutely bucketing down in only the way Singapore can (it makes the most intense rainstorm in Sydney feel like a drizzle by comparison). So I, er, got a bit damp.

After changing into dry clothes I met up with Poh Teng, one of dad’s colleagues, for lunch. She is a lovely, friendly and very helpful woman and her husband works at Resort World Sentosa (where we were staying and where the theme parks are), so we got a big discount on tickets into the S.E.A. Aquarium. It was an incredible experience; sitting in front of the giant viewing window for about half an hour watching the divers feeding the creatures felt like I was sitting on the bottom of the ocean. I just wanted to get in the water. It was wonderful.

After a coffee I headed off to the airport. The plane trip home was uneventful, except for me having an emotional meltdown for no reason after watching The secret life of Walter Mitty and Her. No idea what happened there; both movies put me in a slightly melancholy mood (though I enjoyed both), and saying goodbye to mum and dad, and being tired, and being premenstrual and…yeah that’s a few reasons. I was just surprised that I just started crying and couldn’t stop. Thankfully it was after lights out and my seat mate had an eye mask on. The crew saw me come out of the bathroom with red eyes and face and were very kind; they made me some hot lemon and honey to drink and said I could come back and talk to them if I needed to. I was very impressed all around with Singapore Airlines actually – the plane, the food, the staff, everything.
We landed at 6am and I was so happy to have Kel and Huff meet me. It’s so nice to have a smiling face waiting for you at the end of the walkway! We grabbed a coffee and nutella doughnut for breakfast and then I pretty much crashed. Oh first I picked up the cat from the cat hotel and she has been extremely affectionate and cuddly all day while I zoned in and out of consciousness.
So it’s just me and her for the next few weeks while mum is in the UK. The extra special treat is I get to sleep in mum’s super comfy bed and my bedroom can be my work room instead of my Bec Cave. Hurrah!
So so so grateful for the time away and all the lovely things that happened!