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After talking to Lauren (hi Lauren!) at dinner tonight, I realised there are a lot of you reading out there but if it wasn’t for stats I wouldn’t know, because people don’t always comment. I mean, I guess you don’t want every single reader to comment because that would just be a whole bunch of extra noise. And from my own reading experience, mostly you can’t be bothered commenting, and sometimes you comment on Facebook or twitter and sometimes you might read a thing and go, “heh” or “aw” but that’s not enough of a reason to write a comment, and if only there was a way you could just click something as an expression of solidarity or recognition.

I bring you the Blogger reactions feature. Now you can just tick a box!

When it came to working out what to label the reactions, it was a bit harder. What would be a catch all for every kind of post I might conceivably write? Jelssie did it best with the ‘that’s so true!’ checkbox at the bottom of their posts, but I couldn’t redo that. I thought about ‘like’, ‘not like’ and ‘ambivalent’, but then thought I would probably overthink the reactions and wonder whether the person who ticked ‘not like’ was not liking the post, not liking the writing style, not liking me…it’s just so undefined.

So I went with a variation on ‘like’. If you’ve got more to say you can leave a comment, okay? Deal.

Can you tell I’m still a bit jet lagged?

PS yes I’ve just realised that this feature is only as meaningful to me as stats are because it won’t tell me who actually ticked the box, and it doesn’t show up on the mobile template, but I’m leaving it there now because I’ve written a whole post on it and, you know, stuff.

PPS. okay I’ve gotten rid of it. Sigh.