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60. the joy of belting out more songs as I drove to work and not really caring what I looked like to the passing traffic (more Adele, Katy Perry’s Roar and a bunch of Beyonce, which made me feel every inch the white girl I am, but I sang loudly anyway)
61. learning I will have a pleasantly sized tax refund soon (I lodge in May because I use an accountant, the wonderful Caroline from TaxGo)
62. Internet shopping! (today two packages arrived – delicious Pukka tea and super comfy Thigh Society underwear from Canada 🙂
63. being wealthy enough to be able to just place an order for whatever food I feel like and have it arrive
64. getting an email from Nerea (aka Rulitos) to say she’s already made my TalulaMei pendant! And it rocks!
65. being privileged to know so many creative, talented people – yes, I’m talking about you!