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So after the last post I hit the road, did the Costco shop, and came up to Rachel’s Retreat and spent the afternoon chatting with my colleague Des, over raisin toast and chai. People have started to arrive and soon we’ll be having a farewell dinner for my ex-boss.

On the way up I started listening to One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp, prompted by Ali’s reminder of Kathy Keller’s recommendation. It is rich and rewarding and sad and powerful and I’m enjoying it very much even though I’ve only listened to the first two chapters.

As I was listening I started composing a post in my head, but since getting here I’ve forgotten exactly what I was going to write. Trust me, it was gold.

Anyway, when I finished listening, the thing Ann was talking about was her friend daring her to write a list of a thousand things she was thankful for, a thousand gifts. It made me aware, as I was driving, of all the things I am thankful for today, even though I’ve been feeling anxious and a bit sad.

This also follows on from the Goodness Gracious Me lifeclass I went to a few weeks ago, focusing on how gratitude can change your life. So I thought I should start my own list. May as well start with today’s things.

Bec’s List of Gratitude (the BLG)

  1. My cat’s enthusiastic and affectionate headbumps
  2. Ali, for reminding me of Voskamp’s book
  3. The hugeness of the sky on the M4 between Parramatta and the foot of the Blue Mountains
  4. The quietness as I got out of the car at Faulconbridge
  5. People making an effort to understand me
This will continue, forever I hope. For now, I’ve got to head off to dinner.