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I keep thinking I need to marshall all my thoughts and write coherent blog posts before I post anything, so then weeks go by where I don’t write because I either don’t have the time or haven’t worked out what I want to say. But as the always inspiring Pip Lincolne reminded me with her blog post this morning, sometimes you can just blog random things and that’s fine. So I’ll do that.

I used to blog random things a lot more, in the part of my blog that you can’t read anymore because I kind of lost it. Well I have bits of it. But it’s really not worth the time it would take to fix it up and re-import it.

I remember when people started saying ‘random’ a lot (yes kids, there was a time when they didn’t). I teased my friend Bek, who was a uni tutor at the time, because she started saying it so much as a result of being around uni students who said it all the time. “That’s so random.” Even when it wasn’t random at all.

Very much enjoying the weather cooling down. Soon it will be cool enough to wear my Bootmakers boots again!

The camellia hedge out the front of our house has exploded in pinky white blossom. It’s such a generous plant; it demands hardly any care and gives in abundance.

I find the tyranny of routine frustrating, even though the things that I have to do are great. Every week mapped out like the one before it. Get up. Get ready for work. Drive 50-60 mins to work. Work. Drive 50-60 mins home. Go to thing in the evening. Come home, want to do other things but need to go to bed so I can get up and do it all again.

I think that’s why I don’t like committing to courses and classes and regular things because that’s your Monday night taken, that’s your Tuesday night taken, etc. I like having blank days/nights that I can fill with whatever I find, depending on energy levels and how I feel. I’m not Gen Y so I won’t say it’s Gen Y, and it’s certainly not waiting to see if something better comes along…it’s just I don’t know how I’ll feel on any given evening after work.

The two things I’ve committed to this year are growth group, which means I get to spend time with great people getting stuck into the Bible, and bellydancing, which is fun and exercise. I don’t get enough exercise. I would love to box, but realistically it’s not me. I’d love to be the sort of person who could just lace up her shoes and run, but that’s not me. I’m not saying I can’t do these things, because I can, it’s just they don’t hold my interest long term. But I keep coming back to bellydancing. It’s gentle and fun and the women in my current class are great and I always leave with a big smile on my face. So it’s worth it.

my jingly jangly bellydancing hip scarf

I will write more about why at some point but I’ve started studying relaxation massage with ACM, by correspondence. I’ve got a whole bunch of books and DVDs to work through, at my own pace, so I don’t have the pressure of filling up more nights or weekends with classes, but I can just slot it in wherever. I have to do a certain number of logbook hours, practising massages, and the final task is to go in and be assessed. I gave my first two massages last week, to mum and Georgina. I’m finding the whole thing quite fascinating, and giving the massages is quite rewarding; it puts me in a peaceful, calm state of mind to focus on someone else and their wellbeing. It’s also good exercise, incidentally.

she was a daytripper

My weekends have been so busy lately, and this past weekend I completely cleared so that I could have some time to rest and repair. And I ended up photographing (a whole bunch of TalulaMei stock I had made but hadn’t gotten round to Etsying yet) and sewing (but not for TalulaMei, for myself). I watched lots of Freaks and Geeks and finished The Newsroom and made myself a Daytripper bag (from a Dog Under My Desk pattern). It took me a long time but I absolutely love it. I wasn’t planning to add it to my regular TalulaMei repertoire, as it does take so long. But it got a very positive reaction. So maybe I will make a couple and see whether they sell.

Wow this got quite long once I got started. I really need to write more.