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I got 37 votes! Thanks guys! For those who haven’t seen it, here’s my video submission for the Big Hearted Business Conference scholarship.

Hang on – youtube says it’s been viewed 88 times. Who didn’t vote?! šŸ˜›

Also I’m very, very excited that due to a very generous and unexpected gift from my wonderful dad, even if I don’t win one of the scholarships, I’ll still be able to afford to go to the conference (provided I get one of the tickets which are apparently going to sell very quickly)! This is a huge deal. Thanks dad.

And my absolute favourite comment about this was from Jennie and her son JD (I’m sure she won’t mind me sharing this as it was on Facebook after all): “I showed the clip to JD who was convinced that you were going to spell ‘Jesus’. I explained that he was where joy came from, so it was all good.”

Love that boy!