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I know it seems a funny time to be crocheting with the temperatures being what they are, but I wanted to finish this little jacket. It’s basically Doris Chan’s Haru, but modified to be a shorter cropped bolero instead of a long cardie. It’s good for balancing out the air conditioning at work.

I do like the long version, but basically I ran out of yarn. I bought this yarn last year in Berry when I was visiting missions over the Christmas break. I had crocheted a top but it turned out to be very unflattering, unfortunately something I couldn’t predict until I saw where the stripe in the yarn ended up.

It’s a pain, really, because you spend a long time on making something and when it doesn’t work you feel like it’s been a waste. But I love the colours in this yarn, and there was nothing wrong with the yarn itself, so I decided to repurpose it. Unfortunately, either the type of yarn or my stitches meant it was really hard to unravel. So I pulled as much of it apart as I could, but ultimately I didn’t have enough to make the longer Haru.

The pattern was pleasing, as with most of Chan’s patterns. The shell pattern is a lot more forgiving than a straight single crochet. The stripe is still a little weird – well, the really bright red one, it’s the only one that’s really obvious. But I actually don’t mind the offset nature of it. I think when it gets a bit cooler I might make another Haru in the longer style.

Sorry about the lighting in the pics too…I meant to do it while there was still daylight but was so mashed after work I had to have a lie down instead.

Pattern: Haru by Doris Chan
Yarn: Riot DK by King Cole (colour 406)