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Took me a couple of weeks to get the time to edit, but there’s a new Jelssievision ep!

The thing that interested me in the process this time was that on the day, none of us felt like there had been anything especially outstanding in the conversation. But when I started putting it together, I really enjoyed the giggly positive vibe of the thing. Also, when you compress over an hour down to 11 minutes, any conversation can sound witty and flowing.

Had to do some fiddling with sound levels as I forgot the mic stand and it wasn’t in the ideal location (so Elsie was really loud and Jess was fairly quiet). But that’s okay, and gave me some practice at that; I think the balance ended up reasonably even.

Bonus feature: after the initial viewing, you can watch again but this time keep track of the other customers in the background and me as I pop in and out of frame in the window! Rookie mistake. Don’t film in front of reflective surfaces.